Balanced Body

“Being a traveler, traveling the world to learn from the most foremost teachers, I understand the excitement and the need to learn from the best. Being the best you can be in your career, will not only bring you success but a wealth of knowledge and information, that will set you above the rest” Nikki Chrysostomou

I’ve been a Master Instructor for Balanced Body since 2009 and the first to open a Balanced Body Faculty in the UK

Here is why I would choose Balanced Body for my Pilates career:

  • Teaching materials and manuals are frequently updated with current research
  • Your Master Instructor generally has over 8 years experience in the field of teaching Pilates
  • Flexible completion time - complete you're training as quickly or as slowly as suits you
  • Balanced Body are the largest Pilates organization in the world and a leader in its field for over 40 years
  • Everyone is treated equally - you're not a number, but you have a name, a face and Balanced Body like to talk to you!
  • Balanced Body trainings are internationally recognized
  • Student support before, during and after your certification
  • Lots of continuing education opportunities to maintain your CEC’s 
  • Balanced Body are recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)
  • You receive value for your investment 

Balanced Body offers complete Pilates teacher training in Mat, Reformer, Apparatus and Comprehensive. The Pilates trainings are designed to accommodate students with a variety of goals, learning styles and backgrounds. Modules can be taken individually or you can take a sequence to complete the Pilates training program. Balanced Body also offers a bridging course for those who have already qualified with other Pilates Schools

Every module recognizes you as a Balanced Body Student Teacher. Additional personal practice, observation and student teaching hours are required to become a fully qualified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Study groups and mentoring sessions are organized to support your learning experience and continuing education

For more information on the Balanced Body courses (including my upcoming dates) click on: Anatomy Movement Principles Mat Reformer Trapeze Chair and Barrels

For students wishing to apply for the Bridge Program: contact me

Not sure, where to start? Contact me and we can set up a time to have a chat

I’m looking forward to getting you started on your new journey