Reformer Training

“Much appreciation and thanks for all your great teaching, help and guidance these past few years, you’ve been very patient with me. I've loved every step of the journey, you’ve seen me go through so many stages of my life! You've been an inspiration to me through your hard work and the success of your studio.” Katie Malta

The Balanced Body Pilates Reformer Teacher Training Program includes:

  • A thorough understanding of how the Reformer can Develop Core and Extremity Strength, Stability, Flexibility, Coordination and Balance
  • Traditional Pilates Reformer Repertoire along with Modifications and Additional Exercises
  • Leg and Foot Alignment
  • Guidelines for Teaching Pre and Post Natal Women and Clients with Back, Knee, Neck and Shoulder Issues
  • Structuring a Class, Cueing, Teaching and Class Management
  • Sports Specific Applications
  • Reformer Sequences
  • Equipment Safety and Maintenance

Pre-requisite requirements:

  • 20 Reformer sessions or
  • 1 year work experience in related field recommended
  • Anatomy required prior to test out
  • Balanced Body Movement Principles (recommended to do before Reformer 1)


  • Reformer 1 (18 hours)
  • Reformer 2 (16 hours)
  • Reformer 3 (16 hours)

Additional Requirements for Final Test Out:

  • Anatomy
  • Personal practice hours 30
  • Observation hours 30
  • Student teaching hours 90

Total hours for Reformer Teacher Training Program as a Balanced Body Reformer Instructor is 350

Test out 12 months after completion of modules

Upcoming trainings: TBC 


Depending on the Host Studio, costs will differ. Some hosts offer an early bird discount. Manuals and streaming video are generally at an extra cost

NB: Completion of each module establish's you as a Balanced Body Student Teacher. Additional personal practice, observation, student teaching hours and a final written and practical test are required to become a fully qualified Balanced Body Reformer Pilates Instructor. Final written and practical tests are an extra cost

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