Home Visits 

“Nikki’s fulfilled educational background puts her out there as one of the best in her line of work. Her interests are anatomy, embryology, fascia, biotensegrity and spirit”

There may be many reasons why you prefer to book a home visit

Recovering from an injury, illness, post pregnancy or for the convenience

This could be your perfect choice in having me visit your home

A session catered for your personal goals

Its best to have a good size area were you can lie a mat out flat, stretch your arms and legs out to the side and I can walk around the area to observe your movements

Aim to organize your appointment time, so you can focus and not be distracted

Keep your mobile phone in the room next door. You will gain better results when your full attention is on your exercise

A way to achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home

All visits are for 50 minutes

Book your home visit today

New! Make sure to book your complimentary consultation first. Either via zoom or in person at the boardroom.