Client Feedback


"Wonderful and sweet instruction and SO MANY cool new things to do on the arc, which I use all the time with clients. LOVED IT! I’ve been teaching/doing Pilates for 26 years, and I left this workshop feeling inspired, sweaty (95 degrees here in N Cal!) refreshed and worked out! No easy task for this veteran... so THANK YOU! (-;"


"Thank you for the screen shots and for the excellent class.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot" - Sarah Pennsylvania 


"Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!" – Vanessa


"An absolute pleasure to be in Nikki's presence the past few days, she has such a calming effect on others" - Pilates Student 


"Nikki is an amazing teacher, thank you for a very enlightening workshop" - Pilates Student 


"It’s such a great facility, I raved about it to lots of my friends" – Suzanne


"Remember how I said that I admire you and how you have a great business!" – Nelya


"I think the studio is a real asset and I’ve certainly enjoyed using the facilities which are pretty unique" – Rhona


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your care and patience over the last few years (it’s been the best part of two years I think!) Your classes kept me going through some very stressful times and I honestly think they were the only thing that kept me standing straight at some points!!" – Roz


"Many thanks again for a great Pilates studio you have created. I have really enjoyed coming fort the past almost two years" – Nana


"Thank you, Nikki! You have helped me so much and it is amazing but today I have no pain in my body, my back is better and my feet have improved so much. So thank you for making Mondays so much fun!" – Talie


"I am very lucky to have a good teacher like you. You offer a wide variety of Pilates exercises and this helps a lot to improve my medical condition and helping to give me an overall good feeling after attending your classes. Keep up the good work!" – Vanessa


"Thanks for the magnificent classes. I am having a really great time going to your studio and always look forward to class" – Adriana


"Thank you for the class this morning. It was excellent" – Alison


"I just wanted to say that I thought you did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed the day and I learned loads at the same time. I’ve already ordered the Anatomy book!" – Anne